Covid-19 Update.    On March 19th 2020 the governor of Pennsylvania mandated a state wide business and industry shutdown. Thankfully, due to our manufacturing code and because of the critical packaging and manufacturing of plastic cases and soft bags that we make for the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the government, we are permitted to remain open and in operation. We are shipping and receiving materials as normal.

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270 Softsided Display Panel Case

soft stock case display panel case

Padded Soft Stock Case

  • Softsided Display Panel Case
  • 600 Denier Blue Polyduck - Outside
  • ½" Polyurethane Foam Padding
  • 200 Denier black nylon Iining - Inside
  • Heavy-Duty zipper on 3 sided
  • 1½" Poly web strap- handle
  • 1½" Poly web loop- shoulder strap
  • Pockets inside with velcro Straps

The 270 soft display panel case is ideal for transporting your display materials between the office, meetings, trade shows and exhibits, and a series of Poly web straps allow the case to be carried and managed with ease. The soft and lightweight 630 Denier Blue Polyduck exterior material protects your materials from the elements, while a durable foam padding within the case provides added protection.

Stock Sizes
Length Width Depth Weight
31 20 5 5 lbs
42½ 25¾ 5 6 lbs
49½ 26 6 8 lbs