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How fast can I get my custom cases?

We stock most of the cases listed here.  If we need to add foam or other custom features add 3-5 business days for shipment.  Custom cases from scratch generally take 4-5 weeks from time of order.  Transit time to you depends on how far you are from Telford, PA and the method of shipping.  Call us and we can advise you.

Are the dimensions listed the outside or inside size of the case?

All dimensions listed are measured inside the opening of the case rounded to the nearest ¼ inch.  Except for the Classic Line and Tool Boxes which are nominal dimensions.

What colors do your cases come in?

Due to our purchasing plastic materials in volume two colors are offered, Black and Silver.  Our soft bags can be made in many different colors and our ATA trunks can be made in Blue or Black.

Are your cases waterproof?

We offer a wide range of styles with different degrees of water resistance.  Many of our cases have gasket seals to make them water and dust resistant.  Our soft cases use coated fabrics that are waterproof.  We even manufacture a style of case that is airtight and water tight to military specifications.

Do your cases have locks? Are they Lockable?

Some of our carry cases have key locks.  Most custom cases do not have locks but do have a place you can use your own pad lock.  We can also provide TSA approved pad lock if you wish to order with your case.

Why do some cases weigh much more or less than others?

To provide you with a case that fits your needs best we manufacture a wide range of styles.  Carrying cases are generally lighter than shipping cases that need to be more robustly built.  Our molding techniques and designs offer the best strength to weight ratio possible with reasonable cost.  Let us advise you.

How much foam padding do I need to protect my equipment?

There are many factors to consider for the safe transport of different items.  The weight of the object, how delicate is it, and how it will be transported.  Our engineers can determine the best case and how much foam is needed for you.

Can I send you my equipment and have you figure everything out?

Absolutely!  We provide full design and a quotation at no charge.  We can make hand-cut foam samples before full production or send you one case for your review.  If you are geographically close enough a sales engineer can visit your office

What is the legal size and weight for carry on luggage?

Most airlines are similar in thier size restrictions for carry on luggage. The basic standard is 22"x14"x9" outside dimension. To be safe you should make sure your carry on case is capable of withstanding checked bag handling abuse.

What is legal size and weight for checked baggage?

Most airlines are similar in thier size and weight restrictions for checked baggage. The standard size is a combination of the length, width and height added together. If it is more than 62" total you may be asked to pay additional handling charges. There is also a weight restriction of 50 lbs for domestic flights and 60 lbs for international flights. Again anything over the limit may be subject to additional handling fees. We can design a case that will handle being checked as baggage or it can be shipped ahead via UPS or FedEx to avoid delays at the airport checkin.

What do I do if my case arrives damaged?

First make sure you inspect all deliveries prior to signing off. If you do not notice damage right away you still have time to file a claim. As soon as the damage is discovered you need to call the shipping carrier so they can start a claim. They will want to inspect the package with its original carton if any. Once the carrier is notified call us to discuss replacements or to get an estimate on repair costs for submittal to the carrier.

What is your warranty?

All our cases are warranted against any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year.  The warranty does not cover damages due to accident, improper handling, negligence or normal wear and tear.  CDC will repair or refurbish any of our products at a reasonable cost when feasible.