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843 Super Trunk

843 Super Trunk fabricated shipping case

Reinforced Fabricated Shipping Case

  • Super Trunk Heavy-Duty protection at its best
  • 3/8" plywood/ABS laminate in and out
  • Galvanized steel angles
  • Steel Tongue-and-groove frame
  • Heavy corners
  • Continuous hinge

Our 843 Super Trunk model is a reinforced fabricated shipping case designed to protect your valuable equipment under nearly any circumstances imaginable. Whether you’re transporting expensive musical gear across the country or shipping audio-visual or computing equipment by airplane, you can be certain that your shipping case will be bumped, dropped, and perhaps even tossed or thrown as it makes its way from point A to point B. With an 843 Super Trunk protecting your valuables, however, the inevitable harsh treatment of your luggage needn’t be a concern. Along with galvanized steel angles to keep the case from denting and an indestructible steel tongue-and-groove frame, the 843 Super Trunk features 3/8” plywood/ABS laminate both inside and out, and a continuous hinge for even more durability.       

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