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How Shipping Cases Keep Equipment Safe and Secure During Transport

Are you a professional who relies on expensive and sensitive equipment? You most likely appreciate the need to protect your gear during transport. Shipping cases’ design ensures your equipment is safe and secure. These cases can withstand the rigors of travel, providing a secure way of transporting your gear. Here, we’ll discuss how these cases guarantee the safety of your equipment during travel.


Shipping cases comprise heavy-duty materials like aluminum or high-impact plastic that keep them solid and sturdy. These materials make them resistant to impact and damage during transport. Furthermore, the cases can withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and rough handling.

Also, the hard plastic shipping case corners boast heavy-duty nickel-plated steel, and the hinge is a full continuous type. Case Design Corp’s cases comprising High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) also have ABS or clear plastic label areas to attach shipping labels since the labels do not stick well to the HDPE.

The Plywood 847 ATA type cases feature thin ABS plastic laminated to plywood to add protection to the wood. Labels stick well to this material, so we don’t include the label areas on these stock cases, but we can add it for custom cases. Hard plastic cases also guarantee your gear’s safety.

Overall, hard plastic road cases are ideal solutions for professionals who need to transport their equipment frequently.

Shock-Absorbing Foam

Most cases designed for sensitive equipment have interior foam inserts that cushion and protect the equipment inside from shocks and impacts. This foam usually features closed-cell foam, which is more damage-resistant than open-cell foam. Closed-cell foam has a tighter structure, making it more durable and able to withstand repeated impacts. Besides, the foam is more resistant to water and moisture, which is crucial when transporting equipment that’s sensitive to humidity.

Ask for custom case foam inserts designed to fit the specific shape of your equipment. Moreover, the inserts can have cutouts for cables, connectors, and other accessories, making it easier to transport all your gear together. When selecting shock-absorbing foam, consider density, thickness, and overall design to guarantee maximum equipment protection.


Custom case manufacturers can customize your desired case to fit your equipment perfectly. Customization ensures your equipment doesn’t shift or move during transport, minimizing the risk of damage. Besides, ATA cases are compatible with diverse equipment. Whether you have cameras, lighting equipment, or audio gear, an ATA case is likely compatible with your equipment.

You can easily transport diverse equipment and accessories like lenses and batteries with customized carrying cases. You could also request custom-sewn bags with a protective pouch to keep your delicate gear safe. Customization sees to it that your ATA rolling case is the perfect fit for your needs.


Carrying cases also seal out moisture and dust. They are airtight and watertight, protecting your equipment from water and dust during transport. This feature is crucial for sensitive equipment like cameras, medical equipment, and items prone to moisture damage.

Most ATA cases come with gaskets that create a tight seal between the lid and base of the case. Gaskets built from rubber or silicone materials prevent water, debris, and dust from entering the case and potentially damaging your equipment.

You could also choose molded cases with pressure relief valves that equalize pressure inside and outside the case. These valves prevent damage to the case or contents during air travel. Typically, the pressure inside the case can increase, causing it to bulge or rapture in mid-air. Pressure relief valves ensure that your case remains intact.

With a shopping case, you have confidence that your gear will arrive at its destination in the same condition as when it left.

Locks and Latches

Strong locks and latches on the shipping cases keep them securely closed during transport. The locks prevent the equipment from falling out or getting damaged if the case drops or gets bumped. While the locks and latches are easy to use, they still offer high security. Many ATA cases also offer additional locks or security features to provide more protection for your equipment.

The latches are recessed to protect them from damage and the case pops open during transit.


Molded plastic cases usually have handles or wheels that make them easy to move around. With a molded shipping case, you can quickly move your equipment from the car to the airport, the hotel, or any other location. Save time and energy by focusing on your work instead of worrying about the logistics of transporting your gear.

The handles are spring-loaded and made of heavy-duty steel with rubber grips for comfort.

Ensure Safe Transport with Shipping Cases

Shipping cases are vital investments for professionals who rely on expensive and sensitive equipment. They provide enough protection to keep your gear intact. Whether you’re attending a trade show or transporting heavy-duty industrial equipment, carrying cases are an investment that will pay off in the long run. Partner with Case Design Corp for cases that deliver years of reliable service, even with frequent use and travel.